How I Came Up With the Name "AllStreet Wealth" - YFCD #16

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A Successful Attempt at Establishing Familiarity

Last week, I shared how I tried to establish familiarity with no brand by reacting to Dave Ramsey's radio show.

Surprisingly enough, I came up with the name AllStreet Wealth by using the same concept (in a different way).

Initially, the firm was named "Piertree Planning".

Under my main brand Piertree, I wanted every current & future business to be alliterative - like Piertree Projects, Piertree Provides, Piertree Properties, etc.

It wasn't until Thomas and I joined forces in late 2021 that I had a need to complete an entire rebrand of the RIA.

Since Piertree Planning didn't have much meaning about who we served or what we did, the first thought was to come up with something that gave more context about the business. I didn't want something generic like 'Millennial Money', but I wanted it to be that understandable and familiar.

Looking at our current client base at the time, it was tough to pinpoint a certain niche that we could brand ourselves into - and we didn't want to limit ourselves in the future by choosing a name that couldn't evolve.

Over the course of a few weeks, I thought about different ways to approach our identity - like who we weren't serving and what we weren't doing like traditional financial advising firms.

We didn't have minimums, we weren't servicing UHNW clients or managing 401(k) plans, we didn't have an office, we didn't focus on investment management.

We're like the opposite of Wall Street, I thought.

Almost as if we serve all streets, not Wall Street.

And there it was. Just a little wordplay.

After a quick Google search and domain check, All Street Wealth was available (and purchased).

We decided to combine the first two words for cleaner branding (AllStreet vs All Street), and decided against AllStreet Advisors because we didn't want to be lumped in with traditional advisors in someone's mind before they had a chance to see the rest of the brand.

Knowing the brand & business we wanted to build, all of the brand messaging and copywriting was formed around being different than the traditional perception of financial advisors:

We named our planning process The AllStreet Approach and our initial podcast, The Crossroads.

Everything about it felt right.

And since the name starts with an "A", it makes for easy alliteration and future business creation—like AllStreet Academy, AllStreet Accounting, etc.

I'm not exactly sure how to measure the success of a brand & its name, but we've gotten a lot of compliments on it, clients have mentioned it, and our branded search is relatively active:

3-month Google search volume

And Riskalyze (now Nitrogen?) got the millennial vibe without us having to use it in the name:

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