How to Use a Graphic as the Starting Point for a Blog Post

An easy way to come up with content ideas

Lil Wayne used other rappers' beats to become one of the most prolific artists in the mid-2000s.

Rather than making every song from scratch, he'd often take popular songs, record his own verses over them, and publish 10-20 of them together as a free mixtape.

(If you'd like to listen, here's the best one)

Because the projects were released for free, it was easy for anyone to listen & share. And because he made the songs unique with his own lyrics, the original artists would often share or support what he was doing - giving him free distribution & attention.

While we're not laying down 16 bars, we can use the same tactic & strategy to make it easier to create content.

For example, this graphic from Visual Capitalist shows how the ultra-wealthy invest their money:


It's super unique, well-designed - you could easily turn this into a blog post with a simple framework:

  • Give credit to the original source more often than not
  • Share a few of your initial thoughts when looking at the graphic, what stands out to you, what's surprising to you - people like to see how other people think
  • Figure out what your client base (or desired client base) would find valuable as a takeaway - what can they learn, or what can you teach them from the graphic?

Here's an example title & outline you could use for this one:

Title: How the Wealthy Invest Their Money (Visual Breakdown)

Content: Visual Capitalist recently published a report that shows how people with over $30,000,000 invest their money:

*insert graphic & link

While you may not have $30,000,000 to invest, there are a few things here that I believe can help you on your financial journey:

Point #1 - Why they own so many homes, the possible tax benefits

Point #2 - The diversification between equities, bonds, REITS, gold

Point #3 - Why they invest in commercial real estate - the benefits & drawbacks

Remember: Not all blog posts have to be 2,000 word, well-crafted articles. This could also be a short, bullet-point style post — readers appreciate concise writing.

[Example Graphic] 

2024 Contribution Updates - includes two different versions that can be edited to best reflect your client base:

This could be used as a starting point for a blog post on your firm's website where you dive into the nuances & different account types - maybe titled Financial Numbers to Know in 2024 (Contribution Limits).

You could also add relevant 2024 dates to the post, like quarterly tax deadlines, open enrollment, etc.

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