5 Commonly Missed Client Touchpoints (+ How to Improve Them) - YFCD #13

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Welcome back,

Marketing & creative work is time-consuming.

(Both mentally & the actual time spent doing the work)

There's no way around it.

So learning how to repurpose things you've already made is one of the most impactful skills to pick up if you plan to to grow through content.

I've talked more in-depth about repurposing content here but this week, I want to tangibly help.

If you have a written article on your firm's website or a recent podcast episode, share the link with me & I'll turn it into something different for you - maybe a graphic, a social media post, whatever my creative mind runs with.

You can then use it as inspiration & a template to repurpose more content:

Making Missed Touchpoints Memorable

You've probably heard about UX (user experience) within the tech world.

Altruist made it a focus within their business model & has become one of the fastest-growing financial tech companies of all time.

There's a lot that goes into building a beautiful user experience, but I want to share a few touchpoints that you can improve today:

1) Email confirmation - when someone submits their email, what happens?

Are they redirected to a new page, or shown a short success message?

What does that message say? How is the page designed?

All of that is part of user (potential client) experience.

Below is an example of a recent "flow" that I designed - when someone puts in their email, it automatically flips the form to a message & button to access the free guide:

They don't have to check their email to get it, and the advisor gets the visitor's email for further marketing - a great experience for everyone.

  • Take some time to think about the different subscriber touchpoints & customize the messages to fit your brand and voice

Then, when someone subscribes to your email list, what's the first email that gets sent to them? Is there an automated sequence?

At a minimum, there should be some form of welcome email that tells them what to expect going forward. Let them know if you send weekly or monthly, what kind of content you share, etc.

β†’ Here's an email sequence template that you can paste & edit in your email tool

2) Schedule confirmation - even more important, what happens when someone schedules a call with you? What does that first confirmation email look like?

What about the reminder emails? How often are they sent & what messaging is included?

When someone schedules a call with AllStreet, they're sent a welcome email with a video intro that Thomas & I recorded together:

For certain meetings, reminders are also sent 48 & 6 hours beforehand that include checklists & agendas so the time spent is as efficient as possible:

3) Regular Communication / Client-Only Newsletter - If you don't regularly communicate with your clients, they're getting financial information from anyone & everyone β€” a co-worker who made $75 trading stocks over lunch, CNBC, Apple News, social media β€” you get the point.

Be the voice of trust & reason in their lives.

You're most likely not meeting with clients monthly, but you can "talk" to every client every month with no extra effort with a newsletter.

  • Spend time putting together relevant thoughts, share some personal information, firm wins, etc - get your clients educated & bought into your brand

4) 404 page - if you've moved website platforms or deleted irrelevant pages, people may be visiting dead links on your site fairly often (especially if you've been in business for awhile).

If you haven't customized the 404 page, it's an easy way to make a forgotten feature a memorable mishap.

Like this:

How To Design an Effective 404 Page for Websites
404 Page NOT Found and or Your Food's request can't be fulfilled

5) Welcome gift - client gifting is a norm in a lot of industries, and I think every RIA should be fully participating in it. The lifetime value of a client is much more than the $100 annual gifting limit, so why not do everything you can to leave an impression and make someone's day a little bit better?

β†’ Here's a guide to sending memorable gifts to financial planning clients.

(Bonus) FAQ - a lot of advisors treat their FAQ like a segmented sales pitch, answering questions that nobody actually asks. People want to know a few things before meeting with an advisor: who you are, what you do, what it costs.

FAQs should dive further into these areas, while also answering questions & objections you've gotten from people during discovery calls. Also, when thinking of questions, put yourself in a visitor's shoes and consider what you'd like to see answered from a service provider & their website.

You know how to effectively communicate with clients, but don't forget the small, overlooked areas of digital communication. Each interaction someone has is part of your brand.

Niches in a Nutshell

The best description of successful niche marketing that I've seen:

If you do it right, your marketing shouldn't relate to everyone - it should resonate deeply with a select group of people.

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Updates to the free website platform

Earlier this summer, I shared a video breakdown of a website platform that lets you connect custom domains for free:

This week, I got an email from their team with some new updates:

  • More background colors & custom headline fonts
  • Custom buttons like "schedule a call" or "sign up for my newsletter"
  • YouTube video embed
  • Spotify, Apple, Google Forms, etc embed features

If you haven't checked it out and you're in the market for an extremely simple website, here's my written breakdown of the tool.

This is best used for "link-in-bio" purposes - you can connect a custom domain (like yourname.com) to it for free so it looks better than using a third-party service link


If you're motivated to get started on video but not sure where to start, below are two of my most helpful resources:

For premium members, a friendly reminder that you can get a custom social media banner designed for free as part of the membership.

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