How to Create Memorable Client Gift Packages (for Under $100)

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Hope you're enjoying a full 4th of July weekend and not checking emails but if you are, we've got a good one today 📦

Since I started sending out the Converting Attn: Club boxes and new AllStreet client packages, several people have asked how I made them & what companies I used for the different customized pieces.

So today, I'm sharing everything I know about client gift packages that fit our limited budget as RIAs:

The Packaging

The easiest way to stand out is a customized box.

Everyone's tired of brown boxes (thanks Amazon) and nobody remembers a red & white USPS flat-rate box.

For under $10, you can get fully-branded packages that stand out and leave an impression on new (and longtime) clients.

I've used Vistaprint every time because it's affordable, they have low or no minimums, and everything I've gotten from them has been exactly as expected

This is the same box I've always ordered

The Converting Attn: box was $8.89/each (48 total), sized 12" x 10" x 4", and can fit 8 t-shirts.

The AllStreet box was $7.60/each (48 total), sized 8" x 6" x 3", and can fit 1 shirt, a small item, and a thank you card.

To seal it, I also ordered a roll of black packing tape from Amazon.

The Contents

With $90-95 left after packaging, let your creativity run wild.

First, I recommend doing handwritten custom thank you cards, which I also order through Vistaprint. So few people write them nowadays and it's an easy, affordable way to stand out.

Other than a card, I like doing some type of firm-branded merch.

The easiest option is a basic t-shirt from Printful. They have several options and no minimums so you can order a few different designs to see what you like best before buying bulk.

✅ Tip: If you're going to take the time and effort to do custom merch, make it fully custom. For example, with t-shirts, design your own interior tag label if possible.

I would only spend $10-30 on the firm-branded merch because the last piece is what can truly make the welcome package memorable:

A personal item

Take note of something from the discovery call, look up their social media—figure out something that's personal to them.

For example with one client at AllStreet, I had seen cats in the background of our calls and they told me they had converted old iMacs into cat beds, so I bought some treats & toys and included them in our welcome package.

To no surprise, they loved it and mentioned how thoughtful it was.

If you have a business client, you could get something unique with their brand on it instead of yours (or both).

The Summary

  • Custom package // $5-10 // Vistaprint
  • Custom 'thank you' card // $2-5 // Vistaprint
  • Firm-branded merch // $10-40 // Printful
  • Personal item // $50-80

🎬 Behind-The-Scenes

In the last edition of the newsletter, I shared 8 tips for getting started on video.

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