The Only 4 Tools Financial Advisors Need to Create Content

get more done, quicker

Content & social media marketing works:

AllStreet Wealth - Dec ‘20-Feb’23

You just have to figure out a process that works for you.

While tools won’t help you build a strategy, they’ll help make the creation process easier when you get started.

These are the only 4 tools you need for successful (and profitable) content marketing:

✉️ ConvertKit

Purpose: Email marketing & automations

Cost: Free (I use the $29/mo upgraded version)

Use cases:

  • Send out blogs
  • Automations
  • Sequences
  • Newsletter
  • Free email courses

⚙️ Notion

Purpose: Content writing/calendar/planning, task management

Cost: Free

Use cases:

  • Organizing content
  • Writing content
  • Calendar
  • Task management
  • To-do lists
  • Swipe file

🎨 Canva

Purpose: Graphic design, document creation, etc

Cost: Free (I use $12.95/mo upgraded version)

Use cases:

  • Video overlays
  • eBook design
  • Website icon design
  • Presentations
  • Social media posts
  • Blog graphics
  • Thank you card design


Purpose: Easy-to-use video editor, captions

Cost: Free - $18+/month

Use cases:

  • Edit short video clips
  • Edit full videos
  • Add subtitles & captions
  • Easily create vertical videos (TikTok, Shorts, Reels)

🎙 Bonus: If you’re a podcaster, you can use for free hosting and any free audio tool to edit episodes. Then use Canva to design a cover and any marketing materials.

With these 4 tools, you can genuinely create any type of content for any platform.

YouTube? Use your phone to record and edit in VEED

LinkedIn swipes? Create a multi-page PDF in Canva

Long-form articles? Write & organize in Notion and publish to your website

Onboarding checklists? Design in Canva and export as PDF

Free guides? Design in Canva and export as PDF

Free drip email courses? Create a short sequence in ConvertKit and drive people to a signup page

Custom-built dashboard? Create it in Notion and share the link through ConvertKit to collect emails.

Almost every tool is free.

If you haven’t yet, nothing’s stopping you from sharing your message & brand with the world.

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