How to Capture & Convert Attention with ConvertKit [Video Tutorial] - YFCD #9

Creating custom email forms, adding downloadable guides, setting up sequences, and automating your email marketing

Welcome back,

I've spent the past week preparing for the re-opening of AllStreet Academy this Friday, and it's reminded me about the importance of email marketing & being able to directly communicate with your following.

On launch day, we generated 69 sales directly from email and to help you get more subscribers (that you can market your own products & services to), I want to share a full video breakdown of how to:

  • Create email forms
  • Add a free PDF download
  • Set up drip sequences
  • Tag subscribers
  • And automate the whole process

First, you need a way for someone to give you their email - like a newsletter subscription or free guide/checklist.

I recommend having both and to make this a little bit easier, I made a PDF download here that you can use within your own marketing if you don't already have one (or would like to try something new).

Here's an example of what call-to-actions for both could look like on your website:

Newsletter - Book

Here's a video for how to set up the custom email forms for a PDF download & a newsletter within ConvertKit (other email tools likely have a similar process, but ConvertKit is what I recommend using):

Once someone subscribes, a confirmation email is going to be sent, like this:

For a newsletter, the button should say something like "confirm your subscription" and a PDF download could say "get the guide". Whatever you do, make sure the default email text & subject line is updated to reflect your own voice & branding.

Then, once someone gives you their email, it's your job to manage it effectively.

I recommend having a short, automated sequence that gets sent to everyone who subscribes to the selected form to provide context & share more about who you are.

Here's a tutorial for how to set up a sequence, create an automation, and tag subscribers:

Here's a sample 3-email sequence I wrote that you can customize and copy-paste into your own email tool.

Once someone receives the sequence and starts the automation, it'll end with placing a "tag" on their email so you know what content they subscribed to:

An example of some of my own subscriber tags

Tags are so you can send subscribers more relevant content in the future. For example, when someone downloads my Freelance Finances Made Simple eBook, they get tagged with "FFMS" so I can send updated versions or relevant news directly to them and nobody else in my email list.

Once you have subscribers on the list & they've gone through your preset automations, it's important to optimize your regular sending.

Stick with a regular time & date for your newsletter and use call-to-actions at the bottom (and within) every email, like this:

Rather than products & ad sales like Justin, you could promote your blog, podcast, and a free 1:1 discovery call

Once everything is set up and the sequences & automations are turned on, you've got what you need to start capturing & converting someone's attention.

All that's left is creating awareness around what you're doing and driving people to your website so they have a chance to subscribe to your newsletter/download your content.

The Club: Directory

As I've been adding new resources to the Club & thinking about the long-term structure, an early problem I've noticed is keeping everything organized.

Looking at the library of content so far, everything fell into a few key categories - so I created a simple page with links to all of the resources that match each topic:

Hopefully this makes it easier to reference past resources and find what you need quicker.

Newsletter Format Idea

Some newsletters are memorable, and some are instant unsubscribes.

To me, the ones that stand out & make me want to read the next edition include some form of personal story. Whether it be lessons learned, wins, or failures, something about content being "real" will never get old.

For advisors, I think there's a way to make your newsletter more memorable (and more likely to convert clients) by sharing "personal" business stories.

Rather than sending a basic, curated list of articles & some thoughts to your email list, what if you also shared a list of things you completed for clients within the past week/month?

Nothing crazy or in-depth, just a way to show what you do as an advisor & how you help.

It could be as simple as a bullet point list—or you could take one or two top tasks, break down their value, & describe what kind of situation(s) they apply to.

  • Over time, subscribers will end up in similar situations and would likely reach out because you already showed that you can solve the problem

Just a thought.

Creative Tip

If you have an iPhone made after 2017, you have a professional camera in your hand at all times.

Don't be afraid to use it for business purposes.

You could build a successful YouTube channel and share your message with the world, take new headshots, or remove the background from any photo (with no extra apps):

Image Source
If you have outdated website images, set up a simple background and take new shots.

And if you don't have a good background, you can remove it & save it as a transparent picture directly within the Photos app:
Read'How to Remove Background w Apple Products'

Getting Subscribers with Notion Templates

A customizable personal finance dashboard fully-built in Notion:

• Use for a free download on your website, or give to clients

• Contains a cash flow tracker, checklists, calendar, and more

I recorded two videos—one breaking down how to use the template for your business, and one for what's inside the template & how to customize it:

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