How I Would Improve This Financial Advisor's Twitter Ad (in 3 Minutes)

a quick breakdown & rewrite

Below is a random ad I saw this past week from an advisor in Texas:

View the Tweet Ad

I don't think I've ever seen an RIA run a twitter ad before. And at first glance, without knowing how well it's performing, I have a few thoughts.

But first, here's my 3-minute attempt at rewriting the copy to capture more attention:

Ready to retire?

Don't let an exciting new chapter turn into a financial nightmare 💰

We help couples with $xxx,xxx confidently turn the page into retirement - see how:

Twitter has a limited character count so you can't go too in-depth, but you can still speak to an ideal client. Calling out "ready to retire?" right away speaks to a specific time in someone's life, and then further narrows the audience through defining an asset minimum (or however you'd qualify clients).

Also, spacing out the text helps with readability (and takes up more of the twitter feed) compared to a standard paragraph.

Once someone clicks the ad link, the landing page itself should have a call-to-action button visible, and the content should be properly formatted amongst the hero section - unlike the current version below:

Since financial planning is a big-ticket item, it makes sense to pair a general ad like this with a longer term approach.

Instead of only asking people to schedule a call, I would run another ad with some form of free resource that's valuable enough for someone to click & download (in this scenario, I think a retirement checklist would work well).

Then, you can continue marketing to them & educating about the value of financial planning through email. Over time, you'll have hopefully built up enough trust that they feel comfortable scheduling a call & working together.

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