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+ AllStreet April in Review (website stats and more)

Welcome back,

Thanks to a little push and encouragement from friend & Club member, Shane Sideris, I launched a new "service" that I've been thinking about for awhile:

To help advisors build better businesses, I'm sharing what I've learned over the past 4 years in the form of personalized website & brand reviews.

I've worked on 50+ design projects so it's actionable and rooted in my experience knowing & seeing what's worked best for my firm & others I've worked with.

You might have already claimed your review when you joined the Club but if you'd like another, feel free to submit the form here.

Each review includes two primary pieces:

πŸŽ₯ 5-10 minute video review

πŸ“ PDF with recommendations, tips, and more

"Fry My Firm" will be available for free to all advisors regardless of Club membership so if you know anyone who would benefit from an actionable audit of their site & business, feel free to share this link with them.

There will be 10 audits available each week and if you'd like to claim yours, please visit the link below:

To claim your free review, please submit this form

AllStreet Wealth - April in Review

April 2024 was our second highest earning month ever, hitting just over $44,000 in revenue, and I wanted to share some of the backend stats from one of our primary pieces of the business - our website:

We've averaged 1,600 monthly visitors for the past year and this month, a viral tweet from Thomas helped spike the numbers just a little bit. This is also reflected in our top sources of traffic with Twitter being #1:

Something that always surprises me is how many of our visitors are on mobile. Seeing how many advisors have sites that aren't optimized for mobile, I would say it's one of the biggest marketing improvements you could make (if you haven't optimized already):

Aside from the site, we also made a full-time client service/operations hire to help support growth, provide a better service, & free up time:

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The next edition of Your Fractional Creative Director will come out on May 13th, 2024.

I appreciate your attention,

Treyton DeVore

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