Using AI to Make a Song for Your Financial Advisor Brand - YFCD #36

Example prompts + potential use cases, TwentyOverTen website migration, a guide to niche marketing

Welcome back,

Last week, I found a tool on Twitter that can generate a short song based upon any input.

Like ChatGPT, but for music.

It's called Suno.AI:

Read more about Suno

Of course, my first thought went straight to how this can be used to build brand.

So I clicked on "Make a Song", created an account, and started with a prompt:

"A catchy country song about investing & making smart money choices"

Once entered, the app generates two versions of each song every time you press "create":

Here's what the first results sound like (click link to listen):

Dollars and Sense | Suno
twangy country song. Listen and make your own with Suno.

I'll be honest, I'm blown away by how good it is & how fast it was generated.

To take it a step further, I wanted to make a short jingle for AllStreet Wealth.

So I entered "a catchy theme song for a financial planning business named AllStreet Wealth" as the prompt and pressed create.

The below song is the result (and I made a subtitled trailer to go along with it):

The Takeaway

Making a theme song for your firm isn't necessary.

At all.

But it's fun.

And potentially memorable.

Here's a link to the free toolSuno AI

If you're lyrically inclined, you can also type your own words and have Suno generate a voice for them.

Some other possible use cases:

• Creating a free intro song for your podcast - "a short theme song for a weekly podcast about investing for millennials"

• Making child-centered financial education songs - "a song about saving money for kids at a 3rd grade level"

• Making a "welcome" promo video for new clients - "a welcoming song about XYZ Financial and our care & service for families we serve"

Redesigning (& Migrating) Elite Wealth

Last week, I wrapped up another TwentyOverTen migration—helping the advisor pay less in annual platform fees, while having a better-designed website:

Click to visit Elite Wealth

And below are a few before & after designs for comparison:


Read: Step-by-Step Niche Marketing (for Financial Advisors)

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