Should You Have a Chatbot on Your Website? - YFCD #35

+ an example chat flow, AllStreet's website stats from March, LinkedIn carousel templates

Welcome back,

This week, I want to share a few thoughts about digital business development.

I've been working with financial advisor websites since 2021 and have seen a lot of different marketing ideas and strategies.

One of my favorites?

A custom-built, automated chatbot:

When creating the new OlsonFP site, we wanted a way to help qualify visitors and send them in two directions:

  • Apply to get a financial plan
  • Enroll in Advice Residency (a financial education class)

So after doing some research on different tools, Landbot was the most affordable & functional option.

We thought through the different prompts, messages, and information that would be most helpful to guide someone through the process and ended up with this:

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