What does "converting attention" mean?

many can get it, few can hold it, the successful can convert it

attention is everything.

to win online as a business owner selling a product or service, you must not only capture and hold attention, you have to convert it.

for example:

capture attention through social media,

hold it through a newsletter,

then let your voice, brand, design, and intentional marketing convert them.

or an example in my own work:

designing a website in a way that converts attention (turning a visitor into a subscriber or booked appointment)

to win online, you have to have fun.

nobody wants to do business with the random account in their feed that has no personality and a stock-looking profile picture.

so Converting Attn: Club is a group of financial planners having fun while building memorable businesses. we use creativity & intentional marketing to do business with the kind of people that we want to do business with.

maybe you'll join us?

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