The Evolution of Converting Attention

From 2020 - 2023

Since I launched my firm in 2020, I’ve wanted to do marketing work for other advisors. I didn’t know what capacity it would take or when it would happen, but I started with a simple Notion page where I shared content & resources that I found helpful.

I thought if something was helpful for me on my journey, it could be helpful for someone else getting started in the future. And if something worked well (or failed miserably), I would write an original article about my experience.

Here's what the original site looked like - a simple Notion setup with links to all the different types of content:

I envisioned my firm being a case study for branding & marketing ideas that I could then use to work with other firms. And after a few months, I was offered a freelance writing role for other financial brands (April 2021).

I had never freelanced or done creative work before, but I went for it and it was one of the best experiences of my life. It opened my mind to a whole new world and led me to expand the Converting Attention brand.

Later that summer, Thomas joined the firm as a partner to focus on growth & client work and I rebranded the RIA & created a new website (AllStreet Wealth), and a few advisors reached out to have similar work done for them.

Then in late 2021, I started offering website design & content writing under the Converting Attention brand based on early interest & moderate success.

At the same time, I moved the website off Notion & redesigned the whole brand:

Then late last year (2022), I took a step back and looked at everything I liked, everything I didn't like, what services were helpful—and came up with Converting Attn: Club.

A lot of advisors don’t want to be marketers, but they also don’t want to spend the money to have someone on-staff. So the Club was formed to be a more affordable option than working with a freelancer, while still having somewhere to go for resources & creative direction.

And starting next week, I think the Club is going to get a lot more fun.

I launched with a bi-weekly newsletter because I didn't know how much time it would take or how the format would evolve - but now it's turning into a weekly newsletter.

Same style, but with a clearer purpose.

Each edition is going to be slightly shorter, but much more actionable. All premium members now have 4 creative feedback responses per month, so I envision the newsletter being treated like a creative accountability partner in your inbox every Monday morning.

Everybody is at a different place in their business journey, but I can give you direct feedback & advice for whatever the top priority within the creative side of your business currently is.

  • If you want to be consistent with YouTube, you could send me a script to review, a thumbnail, or a preview of the final video each week
  • If you want to grow through ads, submit what you create and I’ll give my opinion on what could be improved - then treat the weekly email as a way to stay accountable, share results or wins - whatever you're comfortable with
  • If you want someone to review your weekly social media posts, you could send them over in a document or record a video walking through them
  • If you want to be more consistent with posting articles, send your outline, draft, or finished post each Monday as a check-in or a way to get personalized feedback

Because this would be more time-intensive than originally planned, I created a new $30/mo tier that has all the benefits of the Club, except for direct feedback & custom design work. You get all of the creative resources, the newsletter, and everything you need to successfully DIY content marketing, but nothing "personalized".

Here's a breakdown of the new membership structure:

To view your account & membership, visit this page or visit your account profile.

Each edition of YFCD will still feature templates, how-to's, stories, and walkthroughs - but will be sent weekly with more focus on Q&As and feedback.

Stay tuned 🎡

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