The Attention Economy: How to Win as a Financial Advisor

and convert clients from anywhere

Published in AdvisorIO

The attention economy is a shift from regular content consumption from the end consumer to an overload of digital content - to the point where someone’s attention is now a commodity.

The ocean of content and information out there is constantly competing for people’s attention so if you’re trying to grow your business via social media, you’re not only competing against other advisors.

You’re competing against ads from Apple, posts from their friends, stories from their favorite news accounts, and any other accounts they follow.

Think about how many marketing emails you received 10 or 20 years ago compared to today, or how many companies now have dedicated social media teams whose only job is to try and get people’s attention.

There’s more competition now which means that you have to be thoughtful and intentional when posting content.

For example, Brittany Castro, Founder and CFP at Financially Wise Inc, already won on social media over the past decade, and large firms like Merrill Lynch are just now giving it a shot. And that means the land grab for attention is over. The industry has entered the attention economy and putting out a monthly blog post or market commentary won’t cut it anymore.

So how do you stand out?

How do you capture your ideal client’s attention?

How do you grow your business through social media?

The answer is fairly simple:

Through intentional & valuable content and marketing strategies.

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Published in AdvisorIO

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