Don't Make This Mistake When Creating Content

it's costing more than you think

When creating content, there are unlimited ideas and ways you can position yourself & your company.

Two of the biggest mistakes I’ve seen advisors make over and over again in the short time I’ve paid attention are:

  1. Not creating content
  2. Creating content for other advisors.

I’ll see advisors getting a lot of engagement on a post and when I look at who’s engaging with it, it’s other advisors.

I won’t dive into this because I don’t know the reasons these advisors are on social media, but this leads me to the point I’m trying to make.

Be intentional when creating content.

Don’t look for just any engagement, look for the right engagement.

Your content should only do a few things - put your name in front of people, inform/educate, or entertain.

Ideally, a mixture of all three.

Genuinely ask yourself . . .

“Why am I creating this content?”

“What’s my goal with this post I’m about to publish?”

If you don’t have an answer, you probably shouldn’t publish it.

Also, some content is created to build brand and some content is designed to create some sort of action from the end consumer.

A few CTAs that can be done with content are:

  • Subscribing to an email list (so you can drip market)
  • Listen to a podcast (so they can get to know you more and hear your expertise)
  • Read a blog (to show you solve a potential problem they have)
  • Book a meeting (tough to do without prior touchpoints)

Whatever you’re creating, it needs to be intentional.

Are you creating content to grow your business - or to feel that sweet, sweet dopamine hit when someone, anyone, likes your post?

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