8 Ways to Share Your Work & Unique Expertise

Easy ways to get discovered online

Josh Spector is one of my favorite creators to follow. He shares regular content to help creative entrepreneurs grow their audience & build better businesses.

While the below tips aren't tailored for financial advisors, the general ideas of each can be applied when thinking about how to market yourself & your business online:

And below are my thoughts on a few of the points:

1) Rather than educating about a Roth IRA, record a video & screenshare actually setting one up. Tutorial videos can perform well on YouTube too.

2) You're meeting with clients and answering questions every day. We have unlimited content to create, you just need to figure out what formats work best—articles, videos, short podcast episodes.

3) Similar to client success stories/case studies, you can anonymously share client wins or unique problems you help solve. The more you put yourself out there, the more you become known for the things you talk about.

4) You could easily curate a list of publicly-available tools you use to help clients, or share any grouping of resources to help someone on their financial journey

8) Sam Parr recently started a personal finance podcast for high net worth people, and the initial response is overwhelmingly positive (view tweet). There are a lot of basic personal finance podcasts out there, but very few that share "post-success" stories from the other side—and in the world of content, different stands out.

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